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The 2017 Draft Class is best described as a hybrid of the very deep and highly talented 1996 Class, which produced the Legend himself, Kobe Bryant at #13, after NBA Hall of Famer Allen Iverson led it off at number 1 and the top heavy, yet highly touted 2003 Class, which had #1 pick LeBron James followed by fellow Banana Boat Brethren Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh & Dwayne Wade at picks #3, #4 & #5 respectively; the hype around players in the modern age is hard to overlook, many of these prospects may just be fortunate to be coming up in this current digitally inclined age, yet we cannot dispute that this draft class may eventually rival the class of 1984, which many consider to be the greatest draft class of all time.Click To Tweet

The 2017 NBA Playoffs provided us with much to ponder and debate, while the sweeps and blowouts by the Golden State Warriors & the Cleveland Cavaliers, bar that LeBron-Gate Game 3 Eastern Conference Final, have actually afforded us with even more time to further reflect upon some of the more interesting sub-plots within the League as a whole. The conversations regarding the Rookie of the Year Award, the “One-And-Done” rule and the overall lack of genuine consistency in the level of young player entering the League over the past decade, has not gone unnoticed over here at GSV.

With the 2017 NBA Draft order having been decided, we now know where each team will be slated to pick in this highly anticipated draft; barring any headline grabbing trades, the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns & Sacramento Kings are locked in for picks 1 through 5. As I write this, Boston and Philadelphia have agreed a trade to swap picks, which will see The Celtics move down to 3, as The 76ers move up to draft Markelle Fultz with the #1 pick; It’s worth noting how Chicago had called Philly about trading Jimmy Butler for the 3rd pick, and that move may still happen, with Jimmy Buckets moving to Boston in return for picks and players this off-season.

The 2017 Draft Class is best described as a hybrid of the very deep and highly talented 1996 Class, which produced the Legend himself, Kobe Bryant at #13, after NBA Hall of Famer Allen Iverson led it off at number 1 and the top heavy, yet highly touted 2003 Class, which had #1 pick LeBron James followed by fellow Banana Boat Brethren Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh & Dwayne Wade at picks #3, #4 & #5 respectively; the hype around players in the modern age is hard to overlook, many of these prospects may just be fortunate to be coming up in this current digitally inclined age, yet we cannot dispute that this draft class may eventually rival the class of 1984, which many consider to be the greatest draft class of all time.

While we watched on with a subdued level of intrigue and lowered sense of suspense, as Cavs V Warriors 3.0 came and went; one wouldn’t be remiss to have been left feeling like some Mission Impossible fan, who was forced to endure the now cliché movie roll-out posters & teasers, in the form of The Playoffs, with the end product leaving you desiring a more compelling outcome, to make up for the hype that surrounded the event in the build-up. We at GSV have dug through every draft class since 1984, to bring you a better perspective of the potential greatness we are witnessing before our eyes; juxtaposing the this highly touted draft class against those before it, we welcome you to join us, as we go Playing On Memory Lane with our Sports Historian.


The Past, In Perspective… | NBA Draft History

Year Team Record Selection (#1 Pick) Other Notable Draftees
1984 Houston Rockets 29 – 53 (4th Worst) Hakeem Olajuwon | Houston | Centre Michael Jordan {SG, Chicago Bulls #3} | Sam Perkins {PF/C, Dallas Mavericks #4} | Charles Barkley {SF/PF, Philadelphia 76ers #5} | Alvin Robinson {PG, San Antonio Spurs #7} | Otis Thorpe {PF/C, Kansas City Kings #9} | Kevin Willis {PF/C, Atlanta Hawks #11} | John Stockton {PG, Utah Jazz #16}
1985 New York Knicks 24 – 58 (3rd Worst) Patrick Ewing | Georgetown | Centre Xavier McDaniel {PF, Seattle SuperSonics #4} | Chris Mullin {SF, Golden State Warriors #7} | Charles Oakley {PF, Cleveland Cavaliers #9} | Karl Malone {PF, Utah Jazz #13} | Joe Dumars {SG, Detroit Pistons #18} | A.C. Green {SF/PF, LA Lakers #23} |
1986 Cleveland Cavaliers | Los Angeles Clippers Pick, Acquired Via Philadelphia 76ers 32 – 50 (7th Worst) Brad Daugherty | North Carolina | Centre Arvydas Sabonis {C, Portland Trail Blazers #24} | Mark Price { PG, Dallas Mavericks #25} | Dennis Rodman {PF, Detroit Pistons #27} | Kevin Duckworth {C, San Antonio Spurs #33} | Jeff Hornacek {SG, Phoenix Suns #46} | Dražen Petrović {SG, Portland Trail Blazers #60}
1987 San Antonio Spurs 28 – 54 (4th Worst) David Robinson | Navy | Centre Scottie Pippen {SF, Seattle SuperSonics #5} | Kenny Smith {PG, Sacramento Kings  #6} | Kevin Johnson {PG, Cleveland Cavaliers #7} | Horace Grant {PF/C, Chicago Bulls #10} | Reggie Miller {SG, Indiana Pacers #11} | Mark Jackson {PG, NY Knicks #18} | Reggie Lewis {SG, Boston Celtics #22}
1988 Los Angeles Clippers 17 – 65 (Worst) Danny Manning | Kansas | Power Forward Rik Smits {C, Indiana Pacers #2} | Mitch Richmond {SG, Golden State Warriors #5} | Hersey Hawkins {SG, LA Clippers #6} | Dan Majerle {SF, Phoenix Suns #14} | Rod Strickland {PG, NY Knicks #19}
1989 Sacramento Kings 27 – 55 (6th Worst) Pervis Ellison | Louisville | Centre Sean Elliott {SF/SG, San Antonio Spurs #3} | Glen Rice {SF, Miami Heat #4} | Mookie Blaylock {PG, NJ Nets #12} | Tim Hardaway {PG, Golden State Warriors #14} | Dana Barros {PG, Seattle SuperSonics #16} | Shawn Kemp {PF/C, Seattle SuperSonics #17} | B.J. Armstrong {PG, Chicago Bulls #18} | Vlade Divac {C, LA Lakers #26}
1990 New Jersey Nets 17 – 65 (Worst) Derrick Coleman | Syracuse | Power Forward/ Centre Gary Payton {PG, Seattle SuperSonics #2} | Tyrone Hill {PF, Golden State Warriors #11} | Jayson Williams {PF/C, Phoenix Suns #21} | Toni Kukoč {SF/ PF, Chicago Bulls #29} | Antonio Davis {PF/ C, Indiana Pacers #45} | Cedric Ceballos {SF/ PF, Phoenix Suns #48}
1991 Charlotte Hornets 26 – 56 (5th Worst) Larry Johnson | Odessa & UNLV | Power Forward Kenny Anderson {PG, NJ Nets #2} | Dikembe Mutombo {C, Denver Nuggets #4} | Steve Smith {SG, Miami Heat #5} | Terrell Brandon {PG, Cleveland Cavaliers #11} | Dale Davis {PF, Indiana Pacers #13} | Chris Gatling {PF, Golden State Warriors #16} | Rick Fox {SF, Boston Celtics #24}
1992 Orlando Magic 21 – 61 (2nd Worst) Shaquille O’Neal | LSU | Centre Alonzo Mourning {C, Charlotte Hornets #2} | Christian Laettner {PF, Minnesota Timberwolves #3} | Tom Gugliotta {PF, Washington Bullets #6} | Robert Horry {SF/ PF, Houston Rockets #11} | Latrell Sprewell {SG, Golden State Warriors #24} |
1993 Orlando Magic 41 – 41 (11th Worst) Chris Webber | Michigan | Power Forward/ Centre Penny Hardaway {PG/ SG, Golden State Warriors #2} | Jamal Mashburn {SF, Dallas Mavericks #4} | Vin Baker {PF, Milwaukee Bucks #8} | Allan Houston {SG, Detroit Pistons #11} | Sam Cassell {PG, Houston Rockets #24} | Nick Van Exel {PG, LA Lakers #37}
1994 Milwaukee Bucks 20 – 62 (2nd Worst) Glenn Robinson | Purdue | Small Forward Jason Kidd {PG, Dallas Mavericks #2} | Grant Hill {SF, Detroit Pistons #3} | Juwan Howard {PF, Washington Bullets #5} | Eddie Jones {SG, LA Lakers #10} | Jalen Rose { SG/ SF, Denver Nuggets #13}
1995 Golden State Warriors 26 – 56 (5th Worst) Joe Smith | Maryland | Power Forward Antonio McDyess {PF, LA Clippers #2} | Jerry Stackhouse {Philadelphia 76ers #3} | Rasheed Wallace {PF, Washington Bullets #4} | Kevin Garnett {PF, Minnesota Timberwolves #5} | Brent Barry {SG, Denver Nuggets #15} | Theo Ratliff {PF/ C, Detroit Pistons #18} | Michael Finley {SG/ SF, Phoenix Suns #21}
1996 Philadelphia 76ers 18 – 64 (2nd Worst) Allen Iverson | Georgetown | Point Guard/ Shooting Guard Shareef Abdur-Rahim {SF/ PF, Vancouver Grizzlies #3} | Stephon Marbury {PG, Milwaukee Bucks #4} | Ray Allen {SG, Minnesota Timberwolves #5} | Antonie Walker {PF, Boston Celtics #6} | Kobe Bryant {SG, Charlotte Hornets #13} | Peja Stojaković {Sacramento Kings #14} | Steve Nash {PG, Phoenix Suns #15} | Jermaine O’Neal {PF/ C, Portland Trail Blazers #17} | Žydrūnas Ilgauskas {C, Cleveland Cavaliers #20} | Derek Fisher {PG, LA Lakers #24}
1997 San Antonio Spurs 20 – 62 (3rd Worst) Tim Duncan | Wake Forest | Power Forward/ Centre Chauncey Billups {PG, Boston Celtics #3} | Tracy McGrady {SG/ SF, Toronto Raptors #9} | Stephen Jackson {SG/ SF, Phoenix Suns #42}
1998 Los Angeles Clippers 17 – 65 (3rd Worst) Michael Olowokandi |Pacific | Centre Mike Bibby {PG, Vancouver Grizzlies #2} | Antwan Jamison {SF/ PF, Toronto Raptors #4} | Vince Carter {SG/ SF, Golden State Warriors #5} | Jason Williams {PG, Sacramento Kings #7} | Dirk Nowitzki {SF/PF, Milwaukee Bucks #9} | Paul Pierce {SG/ SF, Boston Celtics #10} | Rashard Lewis {SF/ PF, Seattle SuperSonics #32} | Rafer Alston {PG, Milwaukee Bucks #39}
1999 Chicago Bulls 13 – 37 (3rd Worst) | Lockout Season (50 Games) Elton Brand | Duke Power Forward/ Centre Steve Francis {PG, Vancouver Grizzlies #2} | Baron Davis {PG, Charlotte Hornets #3} | Lamar Odom {SF/ PF, LA Clippers #4} | Wally Szczerbiak {SF, Minnesota Timberwolves #6} | Richard Hamilton {SG, Washington Wizards #7} | Shawn Marion {SF/ PF, Phoenix Suns #9} | Ron Artest {Metta World Peace} {SF/ PF, Chicago Bulls #16} | Andrei Kirilenko {SF, Utah Jazz #24} Manu Ginóbli {SG, San Antonio Spurs #57}
2000 New Jersey Nets 31 – 51 (7th Worst) Kenyon Martin | Cincinnati | Power Forward Mike Miller {SG/ SF, Orlando Magic #5} | Jamal Crawford {SG, Cleveland Cavaliers #8} | Hedo Türkoğlu {SF/ PF Sacramento Kings #16} | Jamaal Magloire { PF/ C, Charlotte Hornets #19} | Michael Redd {SG, Milwaukee Bucks #43}
2001 Washington Wizards 19 – 63 (3rd Worst) Kwame Brown | Glynn Academy (High School) | Centre Tyson Chandler {C, LA Clippers #2} | Pau Gasol {PF/ C, Atlanta Hawks #3} | Joe Johnson {SG/ SF, Boston Celtics #10} | Zach Randolph {PF, Portland Trail Blazers #19} | Gerald Wallace {SF, Sacramento Kings #25} | Tony Parker {PG, San Antonio Spurs #28} | Gilbert Arenas {PG, Golden State Warriors #31} | Mehmet Okur {C, Detroit Pistons #38}
2002 Houston Rockets 28 – 54 (5th Worst) Yao Ming | Shanghai Sharks, China | Centre Dajaun Wagner { PG, Cleveland Cavaliers #6} | Nenê {PF/ C, NY Knicks #7} | Amar’e Stoudemire {PF/C, Phoenix Suns #9} | Caron Butler {SF, Miami Heat #10} | Tayshaun Prince {SF, Detroit Pistons #23} | Carlos Boozer {PF, Cleveland Cavaliers #35} Matt Barnes {SF, Memphis Grizzlies #46}
2003 Cleveland Cavaliers 17 – 65 (Tied Worst) LeBron James | St. Vincent – St. Mary (High School) | Small Forward Carmelo Anthony {SF, Denver Nuggets #3}  | Chris Bosh {PF/ C, Toronto Raptors #4} | Dwayne Wade {SG, Miami Heat #5} | Chris Kaman {C, LA Clippers #6} | David West {PF, New Orleans Hornets #18} | Josh Howard {SG/ SF Dallas Mavericks #29) | Mo Williams {PG, Utah Jazz #47} | Kyle Korver {SG, NJ Nets #51}
2004 Orlando Magic 21 – 61 (Worst) Dwight Howard | Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy (High School) | Centre Devin Harris {PG/ SG, Washington Wizards #5} | Luol Deng {SF, Phoenix Suns #7} | Andre Igoudala {SF, Philadelphia 76ers #9} | Al Jefferson PF/ C, Boston Celtics #15} | J.R. Smith {SG, New Orleans Hornets #18} | Jameer Nelson {PG, Denver Nuggets #20} | Tony Allen {SG, Boston Celtics #25} | Trevor Ariza SF/ PF, NY Knicks #43}
2005 Milwaukee Bucks 30 – 52 (6th Worst) Andrew Bogut Utah | Centre Deron Williams {PG, Utah Jazz #2} | Chris Paul {PG, New Orleans Hornets #4} | Raymond Felton {PG, Charlotte Bobcats #5} | Channing Frye {PF/ C, NY Knicks #8} | Andrew Bynum {C, LA Lakers #10} | Danny Granger {SF, Indiana Pacers #17} | David Lee {PF/ C, NY Knicks #30} | Monta Ellis {PG/ SG, Golden State Warriors #40}
2006 Toronto Raptors 27 – 55 (5th Worst) Andrea Bargnani |Benetton Treviso (Treviso, Italy) | Power Forward/ Centre LaMarcus Aldridge {PF/ C, Chicago Bulls #2} | Brandon Roy {SG, Minnesota Timberwolves #6} | J.J. Redick {SG, Orlando Magic #11} | Rajon Rondo {PG, Phoenix Suns #21} | Kyle Lowry {PG, Memphis Grizzlies #24} | Paul Millsap {PF, Utah Jazz #47}
2007 Portland Trail Blazers 32 – 50 (6th Worst) Greg Oden | Ohio State | Centre Kevin Durant {SF, Seattle SuperSonics #2} | Al Horford {C, Atlanta Hawks #3} | Mike Conley {PG, Memphis Grizzlies #4} | Joakim Noah {C, Chicago Bulls #9} | Marco Belinelli {SG/ SF, Golden State Warriors #18} Glen Davis {PF, Seattle SuperSonics #35} | Marc Gasol {C, LA Lakers #48}
2008 Chicago Bulls 33 – 49 (9th Worst) Derrick Rose | Memphis | Point Guard O.J. Mayo {SG, Minnesota Timberwolves #3} | Russell Westbrook {PG, Seattle SuperSonics #4} | Kevin Love {PF, Memphis Grizzlies #5} | Danilo Gallinari {SF/ PF, NY Knicks #6} | Eric Gordon {SG, LA Clippers #7} | Brook Lopez {C, NJ Nets #10} | Roy Hibbert {C, Toronto Raptors #17} | Serge Ibaka {PF/ C, Seattle SuperSonics #24} De’Andre Jordan {C, LA Clippers #35} | Goran Dragić {PG, San Antonio Spurs #45}
2009 Los Angeles Clippers 19 – 63 (2nd Worst) Blake Griffin | Oklahoma | Power Forward James Harden {PG/ SG, OKC Thunder #3} | Ricky Rubio {PG, Minnesota Timberwolves #5} | Stephen Curry {PG, Golden State Warriors #7} | DeMar DeRozan {SG, Toronto Raptors #9} | Jrue Holiday {PG, Philadelphia 76ers #17} | Jeff Teague {PG, Atlanta Hawks #19}
2010 Washington Wizards 26 – 56 (5th Worst) John Wall | Kentucky | Point Guard DeMarcus Cousins {PF/ C, Sacramento Kings #5} | Greg Monroe {PF/ C, Detroit Pistons #7} | Gordon Hayward {SG/ SF, Utah Jazz #9} | Paul George {SF, Indiana Pacers #10} | Eric Bledsoe {PG, OKC Thunder #18} | Avery Bradley {SG, Boston Celtics #19} | Hassan Whiteside {C, Sacramento Kings #33} Lance Stephenson {SG, Indiana Pacers #40}
2011 Cleveland Cavaliers | Los Angeles Clippers Pick 32 – 50 (8th Worst) Kyrie Irving | Duke | Point Guard Tristan Thompson {PF/ C, Cleveland Cavaliers #4} | Kemba Walker {PG, Charlotte Bobcats #9} | Klay Thompson SG< Golden State Warriors #11} | Kawhi Leonard {SF, Indiana Pacers #15} | Jimmy Butler {SG/ SF, Chicago Bulls #30} | Isaiah Thomas {PG, Sacramento Kings #60}
2012 New Orleans Pelicans 21 – 45 (Tied 3rd Worst) Anthony Davis | Kentucky | Power Forward/ Centre Bradley Beal {SG, Washington Wizards #3} | Dion Waiters {SG, Cleveland Cavaliers #4} | Damian Lillard {PG, Portland Trail Blazers #6} | Harrison Barnes {SF, Golden State Warriors #7} | Andre Drummond {C, Detroit Pistons #9} | Austin Rivers {SG, New Orleans Hornets #10} | Draymond Green {PF/ C, Golden State Warriors #35} Khris Middleton {SG/ SF, Detroit Pistons #39}
2013 Cleveland Cavaliers 24 – 58 (3rd Worst) Anthony Bennett | UNLV | Small Forward/ Power Forward Victor Oladipo {SG, Orlando Magic #2} | Nerlens Noel {C, New Orleans Pelicans #6} | Kentavious Caldwell-Pope {SG, Detroit Pistons #8} | C.J. McCollom {SG, Portland Trail Blazers #10} | Michael Carter-Williams {Philadelphia 76ers #11} | Giannis Antentokounmpo {SF/ PF, Milwaukee Bucks #15} | Dennis Schröder {PG, Atlanta Hawks #17} | Rudy Gobert {C, Denver Nuggets #27}
2014 Cleveland Cavaliers 33 – 49 (9th Worst) Andrew Wiggins | Kansas | Small Forward Jabari Parker {SF/ PF, Milwaukee Bucks #2} | Joel Embiid {C, Philadelphia 76ers #3} | Julius Randle {PF/ C, LA Lakers #7} | Dario Šarić {SF/ PF, Orlando Magic #12} | Zach Lavine {SG, Minnesota Timberwolves #13} | Jusuf Nurkić {C, Chicago Bulls #16} | Clint Capela {C, Houston Rockets #25} | Nikola Jokić {PF/ C, Denver Nuggets #41} | Jordan Clarkson {PG/ SG, Washington Wizards #46}
2015 Minnesota Timberwolves 16 – 66 (Worst) Karl-Anthony Towns | Kentucky | Centre D’Angelo Russell {PG/ SG, LA Lakers #2} | Jahlil Okafor {C, Philadelphia 76ers #3} | Kristaps Porziņģis {PF/ C, NY Knicks #4} | Emmanuel Mudiay {PG, Denver Nuggets #7} | Myles Turner {C, Indiana Pacers #11} | Devin Booker {SG, Phoenix Suns #13} | Willy Hernangómez {C, Philadelphia 76ers #35}
2016 Philadelphia 76ers 10 – 72 (Worst) Ben Simmons | LSU | Small Forward Brandon Ingram {SF, LA Lakers #2} | Jaylen Brown {SG/ SF, Boston Celtics #3} | Kris Dunn {PG, Minnesota Timberwolves #5} | Buddy Hield {SG, New Orleans Pelicans #6} | Jamal Murray {PG/ SG, Denver Nuggets #7} | Denzel Washington {SG, Chicago Bulls #14} | Skal Labissière {PF/ C, Phoenix Suns #28} |  Malcolm Brogdon {PG/ SG, Milwaukee Bucks #36}
2017 Philadelphia 76ers | Brooklyn Nets pick acquired via Boston Celtics 20 – 62 (Worst)


The Grand Stand View

The Boston Celtics would have much explaining to do, if they traded the Number 1 overall pick for anything, including the lure of year with Paul George on their roster; drafting a potential All-Star in Markelle Fultz, to complement the scoring machine that is Isaiah Thomas, and adding quality in Gordon Hayward through free agency seems to be the ideal move for the awoken giant and GM Danny Ainge. Well, Danny Ainge seems to be playing MyGM on 2k with Boston right now, as they have flipped the #1 pick in this upcoming draft, for Philly’s 3rd pick, and the Lakers 1st round pick in the 2018 Draft, which could be a decent lottery pick, if LA don’t make some good moves of their own, the 2018 Lakers Pick is heavily protected, and will convey back to Philly if it lands between picks 2 and 5, with Boston getting Sacramento’s 2019 1st round pick if it does convey to the 76ers, or the team they may end up trading the pick to. Ainge is attempting to do something many cannot fathom in the current NBA landscape, where its title or tank in the eyes of many, building a title contender for next season, while ensuring long-term stability and sustainability in roster management moving forward in Boston, a feat that could set this team up to compete for the next decade, if he does manage to pull it off.

Another former star player turned administrator in a similar position, is Magic Johnson in Los Angeles, if the Lakers don’t end up with Lonzo Ball as the face of their rebuild, after getting the number overall 2 pick, there will be much explaining to do. The early rumour meter has Magic & LA looking to pull off a majestic coup for restricted free-agent Chris Paul, unwanted Knicks All-Star Carmelo Anthony and self-confessed diehard Laker fan Paul George; whether such an aggressive move would be possible without losing their number 2 pick remains to be seen, the Chris Paul signing would be made possible by merely trading for Melo and moving Luol Deng and/ or Timofey Mozgov’s heavy contracts, along with some other young players to clear up cap space for the most interesting part of the deal. Paul George is set to become a free-agent at the end of the upcoming season, and he has made no secret about his desire to play for the franchise he grew up supporting, once the opportunity presents itself; trading for PG13, when you could get him as a free-agent a year later, seems like a play out of the New York Knicks “How To Sell Your Future” playbook, especially if that number 2 pick ends up having to be moved as part of the deal… In all honesty, if I had to bet that anybody could actually pull off such an aggressive move, and retain all the assets they needs to ensure that there is enough in the tank to push on, its Earvin “Magic” Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers, as they have the necessary cache in assets (players & picks) to compliment the lure of the LA market and the prospect of a winning Lakers team at The Staples Centre.

The Philadelphia 76ers and the Phoenix Suns will be hoping one of those two elite guards fall to them at 3 & 4 respectively, but they will have a nice pick of NBA ready starlets in Josh Jackson, Jayson Tatum & De’Aaron Fox to pick from; these two selections could actually shape how we look at this draft in hindsight, many anticipate a drop-off after the 1st 4 players have been picked, but that’s predicated on teams picking based on perceived quality/ potential  (upside) over actual needs within the organisation. Philly will have a lot of decisions to make, Ben Simmons is seen as their Point Forward, while Dario Saric showed his worth as a versatile forward in the regular season, which gives Philly some good headaches; trading down, and getting an established guard to play alongside Simmons, while still retaining a Top 10 pick, would be terrific business for Bryan Colangelo and his staff. The Process, begun by Sam Hinkie when he was GM of the 76ers, has now begun to fully pay off in many ways; Philly had 2 players making a good case for Rookie of the Year this past season, and they are now the fore-runner to have the ROTY come end of next season, if all things fall into place. Trading up to #1 came as a shock to many, but it was the aggressive move Philly need to make as their team takes shape moving forward, drafting a guard who can make shots and create for others, may put Philly in a position to start thinking about winning more games than they lose again.

Jonathan Isaac, Malik Monk & Dennis Smith make the top 8 picks very interesting, as many teams may potentially be eyeing the same player in that top bracket, some more headline grabbing trades shouldn’t be ruled out, with teams keen to move up or down the order, depending on their target/s and disposable assets. Phoenix are another team who could benefit from trading up or down in this draft, as they have guards who are already established in the League, yet the prospect of a young guard like Monk, Smith Jr. or Ball next to Devin Booker, would make the Suns a good landing spot for good free-agents down the line, moving a Tyson Chandler, Brandon Knight or Jared Dudley contract, along with their pick, for another Top 10 pick (higher or lower, depending on the deal itself) and some long-term help in the front-court, would be great business for a team in transition.

One thing remains certain, the 2017 NBA Draft promises to be one of the most memorable to date, for one reason or another; with the prospect of the 1st draftee with his own independent shoe, a handful of potential All-Stars, more highly touted “one-and-done” prospects than ever before, some intriguing International prospects and a couple of hidden gems to be found late in the draft, the National Basketball League may be on the brink of receiving the much needed shake-up we’ve all been calling for.

And Bob’s your EuroLeague watching, Real Madrid supporting, Luka Dončić adoring Stric.

Written by Mallele Chidi PeTje III (@MCPeTjeIII) for The Grand Stand View (@GSVDaily)

The Standout Inbetweener; Zlatan Ibrahimović | A Legend That Transcends Era’s



In an age where every generation seems to be blessed with its fair share of diversely gifted attacking talents, cut from a different cloth, and playing football with a grace that seems to constantly defy so many other lesser talented players; the most painful thing about hearing someone mention their top 5 best strikers of the last decade, is having to cringe at the constant omission of one name, Zlatan Ibrahimović. Zlatan is a true rebel in an age of conformists, a natural born striker capable of conjuring sheer magic with a football, or a piece of bubblegum.

The Zlatan can be said to have been largely unfortunate to have been doing such wonders at the end of the Raúl, Ronaldo, Alessandro Del Piero , Andriy Shevchenko, Samuel Eto’o, Michael Owen and Thierry Henry years; while his career also spanned into the dawn of another golden age, where the outrageous talents of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Robin van Persie, Sergio Agüero, David Villa, Robert Lewandowski and Luis Suárez have rightfully been the centre of all football related conversations in terms of premier level goalscorers and forwards. Sweden’s all-time leading goalscorer, with 62 goals, Zlatan deserves special mention for remaining true to his unique skill-set, and ensuring that his arrogance rather fuelled his drive, instead of it hampering the realisation of his unlimited potential; a league champion, and lethal marksman, in every country he has played in, all while having rejected the chance to trial for Arsenal with the lure of developing under the wing of legendary youth development expert Arsene Wenger as a teenager, rebuffing the offer with a simple statement, “No way, Zlatan doesn’t do auditions’, prior to signing for another club steeped in a culture of nurturing young talent, AFC Ajax.

Zlatan Ibrahimović is a man in a class all by himself, one I would never dare to compare to any player in any era, for obvious reasons; not enough will ever be written about one of the greatest strikers ever to play the game of football, which is saying quite a bit, when we consider all that has been writ about him since his teenage years. The legacy of the man can never be truly quantified in words, because “gratefully-enigmatic” and “gracefully-eclectic” do not begin to describe him in his entirety, his impressive career numbers, in various elite level leagues, would quickly be surpassed in the near future, when we look at the career trajectory of the Messi’s, Cristiano’s and Neymar’s of this world; yet a goal getter that became the first man to score for six different clubs in Europe’s most elite competition, the UEFA Champions League, while also having been on a streak of nine straight league title wins in three different countries, with four different clubs of high esteem, has to go down as a genuine legend of the game in both the era’s he thrived in.

The brilliance of Zlatan Ibrahimović, is that he managed to work himself into the history books of football in a time when world-class forwards were playing the beautiful game the way it ought to be played, beautifully; his ability to shine amongst such fierce competition is highly laudable, considering how he could easily have been the premier striker in a different age. Since his arrival at Ajax Amsterdam in 2001, as a promising young player, from Malmö FF in his country of birth, Sweden, Ibracadabra has woven his magic in the elite leagues of Europe terrorising defenders and ‘keepers alike, all while displaying his skills against some of the most lethal goal scorers to ever play the game of football; the cream truly rises to the top, and Zlatan has remained at the top of his game throughout his career. The fact that he netted the bulk of his goals, 148 in all competitions for Juventus, A.C. & Inter Milan, in one of the toughest defensive leagues ever, the Italian Serie A, is a living testament to the deadliness of the man; any striker that can net over 100 goals in Italy deserves to be recognised as a truly great finisher, and a pretty good forward to boot.

Zlatan has mastered his craft, a player who actually got to fully develop his game and truly fall in love with his skills, in the midst of the media frenzy that has surrounded him since his formative years, something we’ve seen countless talented lads continually fail to do; The Zlatan will surely retire from playing professional football sooner rather than later, now that he is at the end of his peak as an elite level striker, and entering the twilight years of his glorious career, although 3 Golden Boot awards in his 4 Ligue 1 seasons shows that he is still an asset upfront for any team. The true legacy of Zlatan Ibrahimović should not be understated, nor should the demeanour of the man be misunderstood or used against him when speaking on his greatness, or his illustrious career.

The arrogance comes from an understanding of one’s true abilities, and a burning desire to make the utmost of those gifts; the outrageous God given abilities aside, the swagger of a Michael Jordan on the court, the nerves of a Roger Federer in a tournament final, the desire to constantly achieve greatness of a Tony Hawk regardless of the conditions & the confidence in self of a Muhammad Ali regardless of the circumstances or the opposition, all point to a man with the makeup of a true champion, and an all round legend of the sport we all love. There may never be another player as talented, confident and enigmatic as The Zlatan has been, and I am honestly happy with those odds; Bob’s your Grandmothers last born son, the world has been blessed enough to have had one Zlatan Ibrahimović, the foremost football inbetweener, living proof that a well balanced mixture of confidence & arrogance can always fuel undoubted ability, when channelled right.

Ball Don’t Lie (The Numbers)

Club Spell/s Appearances Goals Assists Goal Ratio
Malmö FF September 1999 – July 2001 40 16 N/A 0.4
AFC Ajax July 2001 – August 2004 108 47 15 0.4
Juventus F.C. August 2004 – August 2006 92 26 6 0.3
Inter Milan August 2006 – July 2009 117 66 30 0.6
FC Barcelona July 2009 – June 2011 47 22 14 0.5
A.C. Milan August 2010 – May 2011 (Loan) & June 2011 – July 2012 85 56 24 0.7
Paris Saint-Germain F.C. July 2012 – July 2016 180 156 61 0.9
Totals   669 389 150 0.6

Pay Homage Respect; Remembering The 2000 Sydney Olympics u/23 Squad

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The success of a young Bafana Bafana side, in the recently concluded 2016 COSAFA Castle Cup in Namibia, where they claimed our 4th tournament Gold, has seen interest rise within South African football with regards to the squad selection for the 2016 Rio Olympics; a football battle of 16 nations from 6 confederations that begins on August 4th. National pride will be at stake on a stage we have only been to once prior as a male football association, the commendable feat in qualifying has been lauded in many quarters, but the hard work earnestly begins in the coming weeks for coach Owen Da Gama and the rest of the technical team involved. Player availability will be a key factor in just how far the current generation can realistically go, one hopes that the strongest possible side is made available to the coach as he seeks to emulate Shakes Mashaba, by making his own bit of history in the Olympics with a gifted group of players.

As we all patiently await the announcement of the preliminary squad for the Olympics, while still licking our wounds from the 4-1 humbling we received in Japan recently; we at GSV have decided to Pay Homage Respect and celebrate the 18 men that served the nation well in Sydney 16 years ago. A squad of talented young lads & two overage players that showcased their class in a great generation of players, and even made their own bit of history, by beating a Ronaldinho inspired Brazil 3-1 in Brisbane. Two 2-1 defeats to the other nations in the group, Japan & Slovakia, meant that AmaGlug-Glug finished 3rd, returning home with a great win over one of the tournament favourites, and two lamentable losses, in games they shouldn’t have lost with their talent level.

Our legends will forever be remembered for beating a good Brazil side that included amongst others, Helton, Fábio Aurélio, Edu, Alex, Geovanni & Lúcio; digging into the available archives, we’d like to pay homage to our heroes…

South Africa u/23 2000 Olympics Squad (AmaGlug-Glug)

# Player DoB Position/s Club At Time International Record Domestic Record Clubs
1 Emile Raymond Baron June 17th, 1979 (21) GK Lillestrøm SK, Norway Bafana – 6 Caps

u/23 – 30 Caps

167 Games, 191 Goals Conceded & 55 Clean Sheets Hellenic, Lillestrøm SK, Kaizer Chiefs, SuperSport United & BidVest Wits
2 Fabian Ansley McCarthy May 13th, 1977 (23) CB/LB Apollon FC Limassol, Cyprus Bafana – 10 Caps

u/23 – 25 Caps

u/20 – 1 Cap

285 Games & 6 Goals Bloemfontein Celtic, Mamelodi Sundowns, Kaizer Chiefs, Moroka Swallows, Maritzburg United & Mpumalanga Black Aces
3 David Charles Kannemeyer July 8th, 1977 (23) LB Ajax Cape Town Bafana – 15 Caps

U/23 – 26 Caps

u/20 – 6 Caps

309 Games & 19 Goals Cape Town Spurs, Ajax Cape Town, Lyngby BK, Kaizer Chiefs, Mamelodi Sundowns, SuperSport United & Mpumalanga Black Aces
4 Nkhiphitheni Matombo January 31st, 1977 (23) CB Manning Rangers u/23 – 26 Caps Dynamos FC, Manning Rangers & Black Leopards
5 Matthew Paul Booth March 14th, 1977 (23) CB Mamelodi Sundowns Bafana – 37 Caps & 1 Goal

u/23 – 35 Caps & 2 Goals

u/20 – 18 Caps

448 Games & 24 Goals Cape Town Spurs, Mamelodi Sundowns, Wimbledon FC, Rostov, Krylia Sovetov, Ajax Cape Town & BidVest Wits
6 Quinton Fortune May 21st, 1977 (23) LB/DM/LW Manchester United Bafana –  47 Caps & 2 Caps 173 Games & 13 Goals Tottenham Hotspur, Mallorca, Atlético Madrid, Manchester United, Bolton Wanderers, Western Province United, Sheffield United, Brescia, Tubize & Doncaster Rovers
7 Stanton Duncan Fredericks June 13th, 1977 (23) RW/AM Wits University (BidVest Wits) Bafana – 14 Caps & 2 Goals

u/23- 16 Caps

343 Games, 39 Goals BidVest Wits, Grasshopper Club Zürich, Kaizer Chiefs, FC Moscow, Orlando Pirates, SuperSport United & Pierikos FC
8 Daniel Matsau January 18th, 1977 (23) RW/AM/CF Kaizer Chiefs Bafana – 1 Cap Hellenic, Kaizer Chiefs, SuperSport United, Bloemfontein Celtic, Moroka Swallows, Mpumalanga Black Aces & City Pillars
9 Nkosinathi Nhleko July 24th, 1979 (21) CF Jomo Cosmos Bafana – 10 Caps & 1 Goal 241 Games & 73 Goals Jomo Cosmos, SK Brann, FC Dallas, Viking FK, Hammarby, Sandefjord, Thanda Royal Zulu, Kaizer Chiefs & Manzini Sundowns
10 Steve Lekoelea February 5th, 1979 (21) RW/AM Orlando Pirates Bafana – 9 Caps 233 Games & 37 Goals Moroka Swallows, Orlando Pirates, Maritzburg United, Platinum Stars, United FC & Mbabane Highlanders
11 Jabu Jeremiah Pule (Mahlangu) July 11th, 1980 (20) RW/LW/AM Kaizer Chiefs Bafana – 20 Caps & 2 Goals

u/23 – 17 Caps & 1 Goal

185 Games & 33 Goals Kaizer Chiefs, SV Mattersburg, SuperSport United, Orlando Pirates, Östers IF, Platinum Stars & FC Cape Town
12 Vincent Dumisa Ngobe March 5th, 1973 (27) DM/AM MKE Ankaragücü, Turkey Bafana – 32 Caps & 2 Goals Kaizer Chiefs, Orlando Pirates, Gençlerbirliği, Ankaragücü, City Sharks, Akçaabat Sebatspor, Moroka Swallows, Avendale Athletico, Maritzburg United, Hoàng Anh Gia Lai FC, Sabah FA & BidVest Wits
13 Leukie Abram Nteo July 15th, 1977 (23) RW/AM/LW Bloemfontein Celtic u/23 – 21 Caps Bloemfontein Celtic & African Warriors
14 Teboho Aaron Mokoena November 25th, 1980 (19) CB/DM AFC Ajax, Holland Bafana – 107 Caps & 1 Goal

u/23 – 3 Caps

326 Games & 5 Goals Jomo Cosmos, Bayer Leverkusen, AFC Ajax, Germinal Beerschot, RKC Genk, Blackburn Rovers, Portsmouth & BidVest Wits
15 Siyabonga Eugene Nomvethe December 2nd, 1977 (22) RW/LW/CF Kaizer Chiefs Bafana – 81 Caps & 16 Goals 389 Games & 126 Goals African Wanderers, Kaizer Chiefs, Udinese, Salernitana, Empoli FC, Djurgårdens IF, Orlando Pirates, Aalborg BK, Moroka Swallows & AmaZulu
16 Delron Sebastian Buckley December 7th, 1977 (22) LW/AM/CF VfL Bocum, Germany Bafana – 73 Caps & 10 Goals

u/23 – 7 Caps & 1 Goal

u/20 – 5 Caps & 1 Goal

454 Games & 55 Goals VfL Bochum, Arminia Bielefeld, Borussia Dortmund, FC Basel, Mainz 05, Anorthosis Famagusta, Karlsruher SC & Maritzburg United
17 Benedict Saul McCarthy November 12th, 1977 (22) CF Celta de Vigo, Spain Bafana – 80 Caps & 32 Goals

u/23 – 13 Caps

418 Games & 161 Goals Seven Stars, AFC Ajax, Celta de Vigo, FC Porto, Blackburn Rovers, West Ham United & Orlando Pirates
18 Brian Bafana Baloyi March 16th, 1974 (26) GK Kaizer Chiefs Bafana – 24 Caps

u/23 – 9 Caps

u/20 – 5 Caps

413 Games Alexandra United, Balfour Park, Kaizer Chiefs & Mamelodi Sundowns


Standby List:

Lebohang Kukame, Bloemfontein Celtic

Mzunani Mgwigwi, Bush Bucks

Patrick Mbuthu, Kaizer Chiefs

Rowen Fernandez, Wits University (BidVest Wits)